CSP ERANET is the result of a joint EU will for bridging the gap between research and commercial deployment in the Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) technology, so this technology can play a main role in the European renewable electricity generation in a medium term.

CSP ERANET aims to coordinate the efforts of Member States, Associated Countries and Regions towards achieving CSP SET Plan objectives, by pooling their financial resources to implement joint calls for R&I proposals, resulting on strategic projects with substantial volumes of investment, which cannot be allocated by individual countries or by the European Commission on their own.

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DLR's 1000° C direct absorption particle receiver offers benefits for power and heat applications. (Image credit: DLR)

Centrifugal CSP could offer siting breakthroughs, $60/MWh power

07 Jan 2020

A new ceramic particle CSP receiver soon to be tested in the U.S.

Greece MINOS 50MW CSP project

EPC contract awarded for 50 MW CSP project in Greece

03 Dec 2019

Past November 11th, Chinese President Xi Jinping and Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mizotakis witnessed the text exchange of MINOS 50 MW Concentrating Solar Power project financing Cooperation Agree

One module of the 50 MW Yumen beam down system during construction IMAGE@CSPFocus

Chinese-Finnish team presents innovative CSP design

22 Nov 2019

The novel design, published in 

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CSP-ERANET Joint Call topics are based on priorities identified in the Strategic Energy Technology (SET) Plan resp. in the subsequent Implementation Plans for PV and CSP (available on the website CSP-ERANET). They include strategic targets that shall serve as reference for this call and proposals to be submitted.