About us

CSP ERANET constitutes a public-public partnership gathering 11 representatives from Member States, Associated Countries and Regions with the common objetive of bridging the gap between research and commercial deployment in the Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) technology, so this technology can play a main role in the European renewable electricity generation in a medium term.  

For this purpose, the main European countries and regions, with roles to play in the future CSP deployment (industrial or academic stakeholders), have committed their economic resources to create big-scale funding synergies able to finance strategic CSP research. CSP ERANET aims to coordinate the efforts of Member States, Associated Countries and Regions towards achieving CSP SET Plan objectives, by pooling their financial resources to implement joint calls for R&I proposals, resulting on strategic projects with substantial volumes of investment, which cannot be allocated by individual countries or by the European Commission on their own. CSP ERANET will count with at least one 1st Cofund Joint Call for proposals, with a budget of 13 M€, and one addtional call to finance transnational research actions.

During the 5 years of CSP ERANET the consortium intends to pool together financial resources from multiple countries, the Commission and the private sector, in order to invest more than 29 million euros in researching for innovative CSP solutions. This partnership will finance 8 topics which were selected among the 12 R&I topics defined in the CSP Implementation Plan produced by the SET Plan temporary working group (TWG) on CSP.

This website provides you with information on the Joint Calls carried out in the period running from June 2019 to May 2024 as well as on new Cofund Joint Calls running from September 2019 on.


CSP-ERANET Joint Call topics based on priorities identified in the SET Plan


Partners of the CSP ERA NET consortium and their respective contact persons