Design and Demonstration of Double Axis CSP

Design and Demonstration of Double Axis CSP

Name of Company/ Institution: 
Lucida Solar Teknolojileri Enerji A.Ş.
Engineering Department


Halil Özgün Demir
Priority topic: 
Parabolic trough with silicone oil
Keywords separated by commas: 
CSP, CST, Parabolic Trough, Power generation, solar collector
Brief summary of the project (challenge, objectives and actions foreseen – 3000 characters): 

Double axis parabolic trough collectors will be designed based on Lucidasolar's current CST collectors
Improvement required for power generation
Size and concertation ratio of the collectors should increase for high temperatures
Collectors have cover glasses on top of them to protect the reflective film, increasing the size will be a challenge for the glass and manufacturing of the parabolic shape
Cost reduction will be done by design optimization and manufacturing methods

Expected results – 3000 characters: 

Higher temperature will be achived within range of the silicon oil heat transfer fluid
Low cost power generation with CSP system will be demonstrated on a pilot plant

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Power generation systems Mechanical design analyzing CFD modelling Thermal storage technologies
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