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Gramis Plastics
R&D Department


Esra Özakyüz
Priority topic: 
Multi-tower central receiver beam down system
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Solar energy , energy efficiency, CSP,
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There is too much electrical energy for heating and cooling the product. The electricty consumption is 360 - 400.000 Kwh. We would like to reduce our electricty consumption with new solutions to improve effieciency.
170 - 180 oC heat requirement occurs in Drying, Cutting, Melting Processes

We are ready to project ideasf for application in our plant.

Also, we have expertise team about LV Electrical Panels, Diesel Generator Sets and MV Transformer Substations as a Netral Groups.

Expected results – 3000 characters: 

Energy efficiency with solar energy

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Netral Group includes various companies that operates in areas such as electricity, plastics-chemicals, agriculture, and international trade by confidently advancing down the road whose foundations were laid in 1998 and which it set out on with a vision of being a global player. Gramis is a subsidiary of Netral Group which is one of the leading companies in the sectors in which it has been operating for more than 20 years. Gramis carries its brand to upper levels, with its continuous development oriented company structure and high technology machines as a SME , which it has in the plastic packaging sector thanks to the international standards and environmentally friendly products produced at high quality. Gramis, which has the consciousness of being able to leave the environment, which is the common existence of humanity, in a more livable way to future generations; In addition to the monthly production of 1200 tons of granules, it produces 300 tons of products per month in hospitals, industrial, non-home consumption, retail and similar fields, and commits itself to Europe and Asia. The number of Gramis Plastic employees is 45. Our R&D department is working on product quality, prosses effiency and environmental issues, energy efficiency.
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