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CSP ERANET Additional Call 2021, launched on 1st of October 2021, counted with the participation of 7 funding organizations from 6 countries/regions with a total budget of €6.05 million. The full proposal submission has recently closed on 25th March 2022.

CSP can deliver greater grid stability than photovoltaics, but needs better recognition of its value to be competitive.

IMAGE@Fontina Petrakopoulou and Eduardo de la Rocha Camba

Spanish researchers propose a completely new way to dry cool thermal power plants, inspired by commercially available underground heat pumps used to cool buildings.

New CSP legislation has helped stabilize Spain's regulatory framework. (Image credit: Abengoa)

New tariff legislation, proven plant performance and a growing need for storage is increasing investor confidence in Spanish CSP ownership, investors told New Energy Update.

DOE prioritizes supercritical CSP in latest funding round

CSP storage technology can share coal plant infrastructure, helping operators reduce emissions. (Image credit: Arnold Paul)

CSP and molten salt technology could help coal-fired generators decarbonize without closing sites, but price support will be needed, experts told New Energy Update.

It is rare for an innovation in Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) to go from the lab to commercial in just 5 years.

DLR's 1000° C direct absorption particle receiver offers benefits for power and heat applications. (Image credit: DLR)

A new ceramic particle CSP receiver soon to be tested in the U.S.

Greece MINOS 50MW CSP project

Past November 11th, Chinese President Xi Jinping and Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mizotakis witnessed the text exchange of MINOS 50 MW Concentrating Solar Power project financing Cooperation Agreement.

The first CSP ERA NET Joint Call for proposals (2019) will be presented at the CSP Today Madrid event to be held next