CSP-ERANET Joint Call topics are based on priorities identified in the Strategic Energy Technology (SET) Plan resp. in the subsequent Implementation Plans for PV and CSP (available on the website CSP-ERANET). They include strategic targets that shall serve as reference for this call and proposals to be submitted. Strategic targets of the Implementation Plans for CSP are as follows:

  1. Short-term: > 40% cost reduction by 2020 (from 2013) translating into
    • Supply price
  2. Longer-term: develop the next generation of CSP/STE technology
    • New cycles (including supercritical ones) with a first demonstrator by 2020, with the aim to achieve additional cost reductions and opening new business opportunities.

The above-mentioned 2020 targets are to be adapted accordingly to the transnational projects’ end year (i.e. 2022).

The Project will be based on the research and priorities identified in the SET Plan and the CSP Implementation Plan, prioritizing 8 topics originates from the STAGE-STE Deliverable 2.3 “Final R+D input to Implementation Plan technological research programme to CSP/STE defined targets achievement”.

  1. Advanced linear concentrator Fresnel technology with direct molten salt circulation
  2. Parabolic trough with molten salts
  3. Parabolic trough with silicone oil
  4. Solar tower power plant to commercially scale-up and optimize the core components of the open volumetric air receiver technology
  5. Improved Central Receiver Molten Salt technology
  6. Next Generation of Central Receiver Plants with molten sal receiver
  7. Multi-tower central receiver beam down system
  8. Thermal energy storage