Switzerland’s International Airport to Buy Synhelion’s First Solar Fuel

29 May 2020

Flughafen Zürich AG commits to ETH spin-off Synhelion for CO2 reduction

Flughafen Zürich AG aims to cut its CO2 emissions to zero net by 2050. The coronavirus has done nothing to change this plan. That is why the company has just entered into a partnership with the young high-tech enterprise Synhelion SA to support research and development work on synthetic fuels over the long term.

The goal is to make these fuels available in sufficient quantities at market prices. The synthetic fuels from Synhelion’s test facility will be used by Flughafen Zürich AG directly at the airport.

As a signatory of the Paris Climate Agreement, Switzerland undertakes to halve its greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 compared with the 1990 level. Having almost met this goal already, Flughafen Zürich AG is setting even higher targets for itself. By 2050, CO2 emissions for the entire airport infrastructure should be at zero.

In order to achieve this objective – in spite of the current difficult economic times due to the corona pandemic – the company has entered into a partnership with Synhelion. Founded in 2016, the ETH Zurich spin-off has a successful track record in the development of synthetic fuels.

Flughafen Zürich AG to buy Synhelion’s first total annual supply of solar fuel

The recently signed declaration of intent is a commitment by Flughafen Zürich AG to buy from Synhelion at cost price the entire available annual volume of sustainable fuel produced in the test facility. During the test phase this will be considerably higher than the price of fossil fuel.

More information: https://www.solarpaces.org/switzerlands-international-airport-to-buy-synhelions-first-solar-fuel/