NEW DECEMBER 2021 CSP ERANET Newsletter published

20 Dec 2021

CSP ERA NET has just published the second newsletter of 2021. 

It contains information on the following topics:

  • Preliminary information on the CSP ERANET Additional Call submission results
  • Overview of the CSP Technology Day
  • Most relevant news and events:
    • Acciona leads the Si-CO industrial innovation project
    • Candidates for European Partnerships in climate, energy and mobility
    • Cerro Dominador Inaugurates its CSP plant, which will provide 100%renewable energy 24/7
    • EuroPaTMoS Kick off Meeting
    • Si-CO Kick off Meeting
    • CSP ERANET Additional Call 2021 Infodays
    • CSP Projects Joint Webinar & other relevant events

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