01 Oct 2021

The CSP ERANET Additional Call is OPEN from 1st October 2021 (12:00 CET). The CSP ERANET Additional Call is carried out by national and regional research and technology development (RTD) and innovation programmes, and national and regional Funding Agencies in the field of concentrating solar power (CSP) or solar thermal electricity (STE). The following countries and regions are participating in the CSP ERANET Additional Call: Germany and North-Rhine-Westphalia, Spain, Turkey, Switzerland and Israel. Each applicant has to check the project idea with the national contact point as early as possible in the preproposal phase, at the latest before submitting any applications.

The topics for CSP ERANET Additional Call are based on priorities identified in the Strategic Energy Technology (SET) Plan through the working groups in CSP technology. They include strategic targets that shall serve as a reference for this call and for proposals to be submitted. The 8 topics, focused on electricity production, are:

  1. Advanced linear Fresnel technology
  2. Parabolic trough with molten salt
  3. Parabolic trough with silicon oil
  4. Open volumetric air receiver
  5. Improved central receiver molten salt technology
  6. Next generation of central receiver power plants
  7. Multi-tower beam down system
  8. Advanced TES (Thermal Energy Storage)

Scope and subtopics are available at the Guide for Applicants. Applicants have to check with their national/regional contact points whether the project idea fits within the national/regional constraints as early as possible but at least before submitting a preproposal.

The eligibility criteria for the CSP ERANET Additional Call are:

  • Applications have to be submitted through the Electronic Submission System within the deadline set.
  • Eligible consortia shall consist of a minimum of 3 partners from 2 different countries participating in the CSP ERANET Additional Call and providing funding to the project selected. At least one partner in the consortium has to be from the industry. The project consortia may involve as many partners as necessary to successfully deliver the project. Partners from countries that are not members of the CSP-ERANET Additional Call can join a project consortium as additional partners providing added-value to the project. However, these additional partners have to finance their activities from other sources, as each Funding Agency will only fund partners from their own country. A letter of commitment must be included as an annex to the full proposal including the commitment of this partner to the project.
  • All applicants have to fulfil (additional) eligibility criteria of their respective national / regional programme / funding organisation and have to contact their national / regional agency as early as possible in the process to understand if their project is within scope/eligible. Furthermore, all applicants must take into account that some funding organisations require a mandatorily submission of a national application in parallel with the international one.
  • SME, large companies, non-profit research organisations, higher education institutions, public research organisations and public organisations may participate according to their national/regional financing regulations (see Annex – National / Regional Requirements of the Guide for Applicants).
  • The project duration is limited to max. 36 months.

Updated information and Guidelines for Applicants will be available from 1st October 2021 at https://csp-eranet.eu/calls/additional. For further information, please contact the Joint Secretariat (csperanet@agenex.net) and check the following call announcement.