Abengoa eyes CSP storage role at climate-hit coal plants

CSP storage technology can share coal plant infrastructure, helping operators reduce emissions. (Image credit: Arnold Paul)
29 Jan 2020

CSP and molten salt technology could help coal-fired generators decarbonize without closing sites, but price support will be needed, experts told New Energy Update.

While many CSP developers are seeking to directly compete with coal-fired power generation, a small group of players see opportunities in working with coal plant operators.

Many governments have sidelined growing climate change concerns and supported coal-fired generation, either for financial or political reasons.

The integration of CSP with molten salt Thermal Energy Storage (TES) at existing coal plants offers a way of reducing coal use while maintaining dispatchable power capabilities.

Integrated solar coal (ISCoal) plants can help coal generators meet emissions standards and lower fuel costs. Project design and installation can synergize shared power plant infrastructure.

A leading CSP technology supplier, Abengoa sees deployment opportunities at coal sites for CSP-storage and storage-only solutions.


Source: Click on the following link (New Energy Update)